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NRA Carry Guard Vs USCCA vs US Law Shield- Concealed Carry Insurance

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This video compares the USCCA, NRA Carry Guard and US Law Shield concealed carry insurance programs to help you decide which is the best choice for your CCW legal protection. And I reveal which one I chose.

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NRA Carry Guard:

US Law Shield:

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15 thoughts on “NRA Carry Guard Vs USCCA vs US Law Shield- Concealed Carry Insurance

  1. This is BS, whats the difference between killing out of self-defense with a gun or killing out of self-defense with a baseball bat?

    1. None. So I have no idea what your comment is about. Either way you would potentially face a lengthy and expensive legal situation. And either way USCCA would cover you.

  2. Thanks I appreciate you for take your time to share with us great information good to know wish you all the very best until next time my friend

  3. I’ve been meaning to do this. YOU motivated me to actually do it. I just sent my payment and will be covered now. THANKS!

  4. I have US law shield, works for me, at least it’s coverage. And I think it’s better than the NRA insurance.

  5. USCCA also will pay you income everyday you are in court. Helps to make up for your lose of a paycheck while you are on trial.

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