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Original Henry .44-40 WCF

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In this video we showcase and shoot a modern Original Henry Model 1860. These rifles are an American Classic, being the first viable repeating rifle fielded in small numbers by the North during the Civil War and laying the foundation for a new era of firearms advancement. Stay tuned, much more on the way.


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8 thoughts on “Original Henry .44-40 WCF

  1. For your long range shots, try shooting some full-powered blackpowder loads
    or some handloads that replicate the original muzzle velocity. In a 24″ bbl
    like the one you’re using, a 200gr bullet loaded to standard velocity in a
    44-40 could reach 1250fps muzzle velocity. The ultramax stuff you’re using,
    while nice clean ammo, is meant for cowboy action and only hits around
    750ish fps. That’s a huge 500fps difference!!

  2. Eric, Have you received my emails about the 30-30 revolver? Also, thanks
    for doing videos for us Cowboy Action Shooters!

  3. Actually 44-40 is a good bit more powerful than the original 44 Henry rim
    fire. Different loadings over the years, but most were a 200 grain slug and
    about 26-28 grains black powder, closer to a 44 russian or 44 special than
    a 44-40.

    Do not load from the vertical position, slide the rounds in with the rifle
    at an angle, dropping them in can cause a slam fire and detonate rounds in
    the magazine tube, a hard primer like CCI’s can help, but still not a good

    I”ve owned a Uberti 1860 in 45 colt for over 15 years and stopped counting
    after 5k rounds, less than 200 of which have been smokeless rounds. One
    thing I did do was add a Marbel’s peep tang peep sight to help my aging
    eyes and I’m good out to 200 yards with it. Would try it at longer ranges,
    but 200 is all I have out back.

    I’d love to have an American made Henry, but the ones by Henry I’ve seen up
    close have had poor fit and showed signs of over buffing on the frame. That
    was some of the first ones, they may have corrected this now, but I would
    really prefer it in 45 colt than 44-40.

  4. Original Henry (and Winchester M1866) was .44 RF. .44-40 (.44 WCF)
    cartridge did not exist until 16 years later. Henry rifle production had
    ENDED before the .44-40 was introduced.

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