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Packing a Bugout Roll in 15 seconds!

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Playing with stop motion with the bug out roll!

Get one at

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9 thoughts on “Packing a Bugout Roll in 15 seconds!

  1. The All American Prepper would have something to say about that last bit about “Canadian Preparedness”, I’m sure ?

  2. Hot dingus CP! You have gone full blown professional business boy with all these stop motion ads and these websites and fancy animated graphics! It’s time you take the next step and forget about interacting with your audience, push your products so hard that 3/5 videos are glorified ads, and only associate with people who can be a benefit to your company in some way… They grow up so fast! :’)

  3. How much does the self packing version cost? Looks very convenient! Technology, wow! What will they think of next.

  4. Anyone knows if Canadian Prepper ships to Europe??

    Seems impossible to recieve an answer for that question.

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