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Prepping For Winter Series Announcement

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Winter is approaching fast, so it’s time to get our preps in order!
I’ll be doing several videos in this series, including truck maintenance, fire kit, roadside assistance kit, power outage kit and more.

Previous power outage kit video-

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7 thoughts on “Prepping For Winter Series Announcement

  1. Winter preps, excellent idea! We have to do that to the nth degree here in
    Alaska. Some stuff stays in always, heavier duty stuff gets added. But I’m
    sure you already thought of that. Your doing this though is a good reminder
    for me to go thru everything and make sure the change outs/ups get done
    before it’s too late. Thanks for all you do, and please keep up the good
    ‘stay safe keep warm have fun and whittle to keep your sanity’

    ol greybeard dino
    ; – ) >

  2. Looks like a great knife. That musical interlude sounded metal… Are you a
    secret Metal Prepper lol Great video!

  3. cool! i’m definitely looking forward to this series. after sandy and losing
    power for 6 days.. i try to be prepared for winter. but i’m not the
    sharpest tool so this will help me for sure.

  4. Mentioning cutting your self, the neck knife I won from you, when I first
    got it I cut my finger alittle but nothing bad, then yesterday I was out
    getting some fat wood and ended up poking my self in the leg with it and it
    bled like crazy, I had to make shift a wrap out of my pant legs and shoe
    lace. Lol

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