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Recession Coming Soon?- Economic Collapse May Cause SHTF

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10 thoughts on “Recession Coming Soon?- Economic Collapse May Cause SHTF

  1. I’ve always been of the mind that they have known for a long time of an ELE but perhaps aren’t quite sure of the date. Maybe they have a ball park time frame but not an exact date? In that case it makes perfect sense why they would run this system into the ground and harvest as much from it as possible before the ELE. It does not matter that they run the middle and lower class into the ground, the plan is for all of us to be dead anyway. Think GG in Ga.

  2. I have to kindly disagree. The economy is booming, unemployment is the lowest it ever been, jobs every where for those that get off there ass and work. As far as the auto industry, they have always been a mess, GM been bailed out and still cannot functionality maintain .maybe they should make a vehicle that people want or manage the company better. Last if you believe what Canadian Prepper so called logic thats sad. No disrespect, but i think your wrong.

  3. I am not seeing what you are right now. We hired more people this year then ever. Housing market is doing well. I know we are do for a correction. I feel it but nothing to back it up.

    1. +Little Blessings No I haven’t see it, Anyone that wants to work can get a job. I am not saying I wouldn’t keep prepping.

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