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Sabra Gear SOLO Daypack Compared to STING – Preparedmind101

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Other Reviews on the Sabra Gear Solo (Some are older so the pack is probably updated):

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7 thoughts on “Sabra Gear SOLO Daypack Compared to STING – Preparedmind101

  1. hey, im 6’4 and was wondering if you guys think the waist belt on the Sting Pack will sit on my hips and not mid way up my stomach?

  2. Met Joe Flanagan (LTC. Sheppard of Stargate Atlantis) at one of those ComicCon meet-n-greets. His WHOLE life was playing that role. He even tried to buy the show from MGM to conclude the Wraith storyline. Well, I’ll have to content myself with another season of Honey Boo boo’s mom!

  3. Don’t be a matzoball, support mad in America, Eberlestock.
    TheOutdoorGearReview –
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  4. How heavy is the pack alone I try to get the lightest pack I can because after I fill it up becomes very heavy I use mine for grocery store shopping I have to carry it all the way home and it’s a long trip on foot WHEELS what ever anything than driving a car. If the pack is heavyweight to start with it will be even more heavy once it’s full.

  5. Thank you for the comparison. Still bumped i wasnt able to get a Partner pack after learning about them from you (they stopped making them and Ebay sucks). Very happy to know they are putting out a new one soon and hope its comparable to the older one.

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