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Sheaths for Sale & Taking Limited Orders Again

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If you’re interested in the sheaths I have available or want to order something else, send an email to-

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Country Prepper
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13 thoughts on “Sheaths for Sale & Taking Limited Orders Again

  1. Tack has really done well, I am really happy for her, so cool of adding to her GAW. When I get a few things taken care of, I will get with you on a sheath. Some good deals My Friend!

  2. Wow, awesome gift for the gift away ? that eldris sheth is really awesome thank you so much for your support take care ???

    1. No you can carry almost anything you want, you just can’t conceal a knife with a blade larger than 5″

    2. Ok so it’s illegal to carry a knife in a back pack it has to be open carry. And It sounded like I had to be hunting or fishing to be wearing it.

    3. It wouldn’t be a very interesting video since there are so few laws on knives here.
      Here’s a good website that does a pretty good job of explaining them
      Since I have a concealed weapons permit I can carry pretty much anything.

  3. Hi there and nice video. I’m going to take a “stab” here and guess you are a knife junkie??? Lol I crack me up. Country Preppers porn is watching a walkthrough video of the Mora factory…

    1. Country Prepper I’m the same way with ferro rods and things of that nature. In the SHTF I have way too many ways to cook and start fire. Always appreciate your vids, have a great day brother!

    2. Who me? noooooo lol
      What you dont’ see on the wall are all the knives I have in kits, vehicles and in the house 🙂

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