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SHTF Bug Out Bag (Cold Environment)

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In this video I talk about the essential items of a bug out bag.

Sleeping Bag:
Down Mat:
Titanium Canteen Set:
Titanium Spoon Fork:
Water Filter:
Fire Steel:
Waterproof Match Box:
Dust Mask:
Head Lamp:
Power Bank:
Handcrank Radio:
Rifle: CZ 17HMR

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SHTF Bug Out Bag (Winter Edition)

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11 thoughts on “SHTF Bug Out Bag (Cold Environment)

  1. For cold weather environment I can really recommend this sleeping bag . I have done an overnighter at -15°Celsius and it kept me cosy warm. Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. you should add a set of non camo clothes incase you need to blend or ripped. also if it takes 5 days to hike you should bring 7 or 8 days of food incase a injury or other unforseen problem makes the trip longer.

  3. Honestly, must of us are never going to need a bug out bag, but if you are going to build one and have electronics I would suggest adding a solar panel. I use the Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger because it has some really good power output (21w and 2.4 amp output or 3 amps total if you use both ports) for the price and weighs in at under a pound.

    Also, I like the Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger battery. It has twice the power storage, three USB output (which the only Lilly showed also has three USB out and they both are 2.4 amp out with a max of 3.4 or this one at 3 amp).

    The difference is the Anker battery can dual charge at 2 amp per port which helps it charge much faster and it has twice the power with only about 7 oz more weight.

    So my suggestion would add around 21 oz, but it has more power storage and a solar power option. A backup battery is going to die and it will die quickly if it’s cold and you have no way to recharge it.

  4. replace that dust mask with a vogmask. it’s lighter, can be folded, far more effective in filtering airborne particles, and a whole lot more comfortable to wear.

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