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Spyderco Mystery Review (1 of 3) – Preparedmind101

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7 thoughts on “Spyderco Mystery Review (1 of 3) – Preparedmind101

  1. I too just bought my first Spyderco…. got a Native 5 Light Weight…. (came with a free Tenacious)… been debating it for some time… I ususally carry a Benchmade EDC… and I must say… I am disappointed in myself for waiting this long… they over all are a better value for similar knives… I love both of them… I think a PM2 is going to be next.

  2. Yeah- DLT is my go to as well. Blade HQ is great as well but I’ve just had so many great experiences re: in stock products, excellent customer svc., fair prices, communication, rapid shipping, and selection. I’ve even gotten some free fire starting supplies using their points system…(purchase rewards).
    If DLT does not have my item in stock I default to Blade HQ. They are an operation run at top tier level as well. Zac is an awesome rep for them…Ben just rubbed me the wrong way…(sorry Ben).
    Anyway- short story long- great vid Chris- thanks!!

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