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Stoddard’s – A Great Atlanta Gun Range and Gun Store

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Stoddard’s Range and Guns is an Atlanta gun range with 2 locations. I usually go to the original Douglasville store, but they also have a “flagship” location in Midtown Atlanta.

And they are so much more than a just a shooting range. They are also a fully stocked gun store with a unique 30 Day No Regrets purchase policy to make sure you get the right gun for you.

Stoddard’s also offers a wide range of firearms training for all level of experience, from beginning firearms safety to personal defense and tactical training.

Check them out at:

Or drop by one of their 2 metro Atlanta gun ranges and tell them I said hello:

5840 Bankhead Hwy.
Douglasville, GA 30134
(678) 838-4848

485 Bishop St., NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

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11 thoughts on “Stoddard’s – A Great Atlanta Gun Range and Gun Store

  1. Awesome to give the gun range a shout out! Love my local indoor gun range who is very friendly and makes everyone feel comfortable even if a person doesn’t know everything there is to know about guns & ammo. It’s called The Range in Fresno,Ca. Love the smell of gun powder and my wife and I are in the process of obtaining our CCW. Love your channel! What Is your favorite gun company ?I’m a Glock and H&K guy! Love my Glock22 and my H&K USPC 40! Awesome to be able to swap out a gun if your not happy with it!!!!God bless!

  2. Honestly looks like a fantastic place to shoot! that return policy is the best I’ve ever seen from any gun store. Really lucky to have them nearby. I think my next move will based on proximity to a good gun store/range!

  3. Big thumbs up for this video and for this gun store. For those out there who do not know what IDPA stands for it’s International Defensive Pistol Association. I remember, as a range officer in Tucson Az,, every Wed night when we would close the range and set up, as you said for IDPA, in the range with barrier walls, hostage targets, alleys etc. I met some really cool people during those events and one shooter who became a very close friend of mine over the years. One of the best gunners I’ve ever seen! Ha! Ialso encourage all to try their hand at IDPA, it’s well organized and just plain fun. Nice departure Bryan. Enjoyed this a lot.
    PS: Never been to any range that did not have holes in the ceiling! LOL!!! Some really strange stuff can and does happen and a range officer must be on his or her toes at all times!!!!!! >:)

    1. +Tom Olofsson I think they are fair Tom. Maybe not quite as low as Walmart but, then again, they are not Walmart. Which is a plus for me

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