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Survival Tip: Don’t be a DUMBA$$

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Want to rule the roost in the post-apocalypse? This video may give you some ideas on how to improve yourself to do just that!

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9 thoughts on “Survival Tip: Don’t be a DUMBA$$

  1. I absolutely loved these two videos. Could you do a video about, “lairs and
    bullshiters.” Thanks so very much for making this content.

  2. excellent video, you were right on target. Just started fallowing, you do
    good job, keeps me motivated for my next outing

  3. Hey canadian prepper how long do you think it would take for what will
    become marauders and conquerors to actually get to the point of being
    marauders and conquerors?

  4. These two videos were absolutely amazing. I’m writing a book about the
    human condition and internal self-discipline to become a better version of
    yourself and I would love to reference these videos or something else you
    have in regards to this information. Please let me know.

    1. Well asides card counting its by and large a strict game of chance, no real
      skill involved but more skill than slot machines so perhaps somewhere
      between bitch and cool!

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