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Sweden’s Mobilization : Lessons for Preppers!

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7 thoughts on “Sweden’s Mobilization : Lessons for Preppers!

  1. I do share your ideas but unfortunately I do believe that when in the US shtf it will be every man for him self

  2. I think it would be awesome for Trump to start calling for regional musters. Divide the US up into eight regions and have volunteer militia rapport with military grade weapons for unit drills. Interstate highways shut down for 6 hours to facilitate. Local gun laws suspended to facilitate the militia drill. I would start with California and New York regions and keep drilling regularly until it seems to be working correctly without local government interference.

  3. If the U.S. actually turns on it self and have (another) civil war, the U.S. will fall (IMO).
    There will be countrys out there that just will not let that weakened state go untested.

  4. Welllll, Sootch…I am not so -solid- with SWEDEN and ESPECIALLY NOT(!) their SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT(!)…that forcibly INSERTED(!)…MUSLIM RAPISTS(!)…into a Law Abiding group of people(Mostly Caucasian, Nordic, Scandinavian etc.)…and this same dumba$$ SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT(!)…made it a CRIMINAL ACT(!) to RESIST MUSLIM RAPISTS(!) DURING THE ACT(!)… Are these poor people going to PREPARE(?) to BE RAPED AGAIN(!)…while they are FACING OUT(!)…in SOLIDARITY(?)…REALLY(?)…They have ENEMIES(!) IN THEIR LALA LAND SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT TO EXPEL(!)…FIRST(!)…before anything is even PLANNED(!) against the RUSSIANS(!)…HELL(!)…allowing the RUSSIANS IN(!)…to CHASE DOWN(!), TORTURE(!), AND EXECUTE(!)…ALL THE SOCIALISTS(!) IN SWEDEN(!)…might be just be the BEST THING POSSIBLE(!)…

    Åt helvete med socialsim !!!
    Åt helvete med muslims !!!
    Åt helvete med MED den nya världsordningen !!!

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