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The No. 1 Survival Tool

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The No. 1 Survival Tool: Develop Mindset.
Read Good Books
How to Videos/ Websites
Be Practical Not Emotional
Training: Take Classes
Ability to Improvise
Spiritual Health

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7 thoughts on “The No. 1 Survival Tool

  1. Awesome video, you touched on spiritual and I couldn’t agree more. If you have God with you you’ll never be truly lost. God bless you brother.

  2. Train prep use. Great post! I learned a lot from skinny medic and classes in my local area. Keep pushing the mind and all settings.

  3. Any early American History from the colonial to the Civil war are Great preps for the mind as the adversity Characters Like Boone And Jim Bowie faced. Not just wilderness but the balance of complete survival not just medical Survival and firearms but Hand to Hand not all act of defense require the guns but fist knives and sticks . Most people can’t understand the abilities of just a knife to throw slash vs chop to strike and the quiet cover it provides. In the wilderness without the Full depth of a full mental vault you are already walking into the Battle at a handicap. Battle strategy is just as important as marksmenship.

  4. 2nd most important thing
    Your body.
    Keeping physically fit and healthy is Important not only for emergencies but in general life.

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