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This Will Get you Killed in SHTF: Mr. Nice Guy

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We are trained to play by the rules, but in the absense of rule of law, breaking the rules may be a way of life…

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7 thoughts on “This Will Get you Killed in SHTF: Mr. Nice Guy

  1. we going to have a war world 3 I am going to save my money to fight back or Jesus Christ is going to stop you fucking crime

  2. I liked this one. Are you still going to make videos for your other channel the Philosophical Survivalist

  3. And why will man revert back to this behavior? One necessity but furthermore the Bible speaks about man as being inherently evil by nature. You better get right with Christ, along with your preparations

  4. Great subject CP. Something to think about, we are all conditioned to follow the rules. I do wonder however, so many people right now are already pushing the rules, ie speed limits, red lights, parking etc. I have to wonder just how many will not hesitate to stretch them in a SHTF environment.

  5. Cough, cough, *Black people and brown people in general*. wanna survive? Go find the most White and ethnically homogeneous place you can and start building a circle of like-minded folk. It’s not racism, it’s historical fact.

  6. I live in South Africa and here I don’t stop at traffic lights at 03h00 in the morning. Only if a car is coming from the other direction will I stop completely. This practice is common place here. Kinda like SHTF here already.

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