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Thrunite TH30: 3350 Lumens Max/Rechargable Headlamp – Preparedmind101

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8 thoughts on “Thrunite TH30: 3350 Lumens Max/Rechargable Headlamp – Preparedmind101

  1. hey chris hope you are well. can you advise me on a knife to buy that is under $50 and is similar to the gerber strongarm BUT also can do some chopping . like a mix of tactical, bushcraft, and survival all rolled into one. thats no more then a 5 inch blade so you wont get arrested carrying it in public or in your car. AND thats tough enough to survive a tip test. thanks, scott

  2. No need to run for longer than 1.5 minutes??? O contraire Mon frere! What’s the point of all those lumens..if you can’t use them for a reasonable amount of time. It appears thrunite is taking a page from Olight in marketing a high lumen light that can only produce it for a less than a couple minutes. Main reason why I purchase thrunite over over Olight is the longer high lumen output times. First Thrunite flashlight that I won’t be looking forward to our purchasing.

    1. No, there really isn’t. 3000+ lumens is extreme and cannot be maintained anyway in a light that size with current tech. It’s there if you need it to see a wider area briefly. An average Petzl headlight is around 150-300 lumens on high. What concievable situation could you possibly need 3000+ lumens strapped to your head for even 1 minute?

      That doesn’t mean the light is dead after 1.5 minutes. It drops to the 1000+ range to protect the circuits from overheat. 1000+ is still extreme for headlight.

  3. You run at full lumens with a head lamp at that kind of output in the woods. You’ll probably be abducted by what ever that’s been abducting hikers in national parks and forests.

  4. Nice review.
    I am leery of USB ports and their covers, They all fall off after time. Since you will be charging via the port, it will wear out quickly. I simply swap out a fresh battery. It would be nice to be able charge as your driving your without having to carry a charging dock. I have several small portable charges docks and power banks that I can use to charge a battery.
    This light does not have enough lighting levels to maximize the battery. I have a Skilhunt light of this same style. It has 10 levels and 5 special modes. Goes very low, and maxes out at 1050 lumens.
    The strap over the top will save most people from getting headaches. It supports the weight so you do not have to over tighten strap encircling the skull. Very comfortable.
    TIP: I used a 3″ piece of velcro, double sided and put the hook/rough side right where the strap would come into contact with your forehead (away from your skin). It grabs hold of the strap material and stays put. Talk about comfort. I would get divots from the rubber part which actually holds the flashlight. It sticks very securely and your forehead will love you for using the velcro. I assume this could be done with any cloth headband these lights come with.

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