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Tiny Survival Guide Review – Every Survival Kit Needs One of These

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The Tiny Survival Guide is like a survival book that fits in your wallet or Altoids tin survival kit. Seriously, this little guide has more useful information than many books I have read about survival. Pre-order yours here:

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11 thoughts on “Tiny Survival Guide Review – Every Survival Kit Needs One of These

  1. But is it balanced? Seriously, looks like a lot of info in a small package. Will you show his Survival card? Wish that came with knife already sharpened. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That would work in something that you couldn’t fit the pocket SAS book in. Still hard to beat the SAS one. I may have to check that out.

  3. I was waiting to hear if it was waterproof, glad to hear that, that’s nice, will check it out. Glad also that its hard to tear, good for folk’s like me that don’t spend all day on technology device’s, I like to read by holding actual books or sheets of paper, ( I’m weird to most of my family), thanks for sharing, nice video.

  4. People buy gear and don’t try it. We lived in the country for years. That reminds me of my old neighbours. They purchased a generator and put it in there shed and it stayed there. And then the power went out. It was a small town with 3 gas stations. No power no gas. There wasn’t even oil in the generator. Power was off for 3 days.

  5. If you don’t have the knowledge and the calmness in a difficult situation,nothing is going to save your @ss.. That also goes to guys,that think that a knife and a ferro rod will save them. Knowledge is key,the rest,are marketing tricks from clever people to make money on stupid people.If you rely on a guide in your pocket… you are already in trouble.

    1. +Survival On Purpose This is in the size of a card to put it on the altoid survival tins I guess that people have seen on youtube videos an all of a sudden everybody plays Rambo at home.making survival kits as they will ever go to war or in the jungle.Lets be serius. If I want to learn survival skills I will buy a book and I will go at a real military survival school. As I said, if someone relys on card size guide to survive,then good luck! This story proves what I say.He already had military survival training and he was good at it. Now tell me,how many guys would have survived with that pocket guide? In a real life senario,things are much different.

    2. As I said in the video, the guide is not designed to be something you rely own in an emergency. It is a resource to help you gain the knowledge that you will need to rely on. Just like a book only smaller.

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