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Top 3 Must Have Survival Skills to survive a world disaster!!!

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12 thoughts on “Top 3 Must Have Survival Skills to survive a world disaster!!!

  1. I’m in Britain and I can say that tactically Trump’s victory is a benefit for Europe despite what the brainwashed hoi polloi seem to be thinking. We’ve been coddled by Uncle Sam for too long and need to reestablish our independence and deal with the stupid threats we’ve invited on ourselves with insane overspending and suicidal immigration policies.

  2. Clinton was the establishment candidate. Trump was the reform candidate. The past many elections, both major candidates were supported and controlled by the international establishment. This time around, only Clinton was the establishment candidate and they vastly overplayed their hand. Trump may placate the special interests but he isn’t funded or supported by them. The mainstream media was all in favor of Clinton and protected her throughout the election. The FBI let her off both times and didn’t even look at the mountain of evidence which proves her guilty of treason and worse. You can’t be relying on just any source of information these days. Most news is click bait and false.

    1. Yeah this guy is fuckin clueless and funny thing is he thinks he knows his shit, and what’s even more hilarious is him telling others what to do ROFLMAO

      Someone tell this clown Clinton was pro war But Trump = not pro war

  3. Funny Canada isn’t so will to take the criminal vermin trying to defect there seems your government is racist and only wants ragheads in Canada

  4. Lmbo surving trump he hasn’t even taken the office yet and already he’s created More jobs in America in 3 days than any other president in the history of American since the 60s

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