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Ultralight 3 lb Titanium Woodstove For I.N.C H Bag: Abused & Tested

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“INCH Bag”- I’m Never Coming Home Bag…

This stove packs down into almost nothing and weighs next to nothing, perfect for a bug out bag… but wait, there is much left to be desired with the liteoutdoors stove. Although this stove by lite outdoors is one of the lightest and most backpacker friendly of its kind, there are many issues that need to be addressed before it gets my full endorsement. Survival gear like this is essential for winter, but it needs to be reliable to qualify for my bug out bag. Titanium has its strong points, unfortunately it tends to warp at high heat, making it impractical in this current form factor for winter conditions that are below -15 Celsius which is pretty much all winter in Canada! In this video I demonstrate the stove with the Seek outside camping tent.

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7 thoughts on “Ultralight 3 lb Titanium Woodstove For I.N.C H Bag: Abused & Tested

  1. double or triple the length of the main  oven rap  use a  flange inn the inside to line the holes second or third wrap chimney holes should be made into a rectangle shape for fitting the  chimney and flu and using a flange inside the main tube canecting the chimney   ,,  try to make it  like a coil spring using some thing to compress the size for packing . permanent place  the straps that are wound around the main structure to hold the proper diameter  put garments or shackle holes to titan and lose the main tube to hold it together as on unite   so it dose not pop open and hurt or cut some one .  chimmy  may work right all ready ..   doubling or tripling the main rap may stay hot longer  yet  I would put rocks in side the oven heater  so if it dose die early wial sleping  the rocks will hold heat for several hours .

  2. Hi CP,
    Its been a while,
    Personally, not for me, too fragile, lightweight is good however i would be happier with my collapsible Steel fire box stove,
    its a bit heavier (probably twice the weight) but easier=faster to set up and to be honest a hell of a lot tougher, in my experience if a single candle in an arctic ice hole can keep me warm enough than this is just overkill, the temps that this was throwing out were in my opinion far too hot and to be honest unnecessarily dangerous and as a long term solution no good, lets be honest if things have gone totally pear shaped,where is the the problem with just building a fire?? its not as if you are going to have a fire warden coming round to tell you you cant build a fire here,and after all,lets be honest, most people left, if they have any common sense are going to head south towards the equator during the winter, don’t get me wrong there are reasons to stay in the north, small population being one, population migration south being the other.but again if i was going to stay north Id follow the historically indigenous peoples example, open topped tepee, green boughs for insulation covered with skins and a central fire this was not just a native american thing, look at the vikings of Norway,Iceland, Greenland all of these civilizations had basically the same idea a shelter with a central fire with a vent in the roof.
    Hope you and yours are doing fine, see on the other side brother, all the best from the UK.

  3. what about a coil of stainless steel rods….coiled around the inside…screw together in quarter round sections….would help with the warping and wouldn’t add a crazy amount of weight….plus being stainless…it would retain some of the heat…which would result in less fuel used over time…

  4. The first fix to this problem is screw the titanium, it is an inferior materal for any long term use involving fire. As an example titanium pots and cups are ment to be used on portable gas or alcohol stoves, useing them in a wood fire causes them to warp and eventually fail, so an ultra thin overly complicated stove odviously is not going to hold up to use as you proved. Construct it out of stainless steel of sufficient thickness and you will get better results and a much lower cost.

  5. I personally would not use this thing. Alloys give off gasses… 3 pound? Why not carry an extra 3 lbs of food and build a fire like anyone in the bush. Gimmicks. Just to grab more $$ from you. Thumbs up on the video….of course – but thumbs down on the product they sent you to pitch.

  6. ive used barrel stoves for years, the best small stove ive built is a 5 gallon grease drum. its walls are heavy enough to handle the heat. ive tried thin stainless with mixed results. 12 lbs is the lightest ive been able to do. good luck

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