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UST TekFire PRO Piezo Electronic Lighter Test

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The UST TekFire PRO is a fuel free piezo electronic lighter designed for camping and outdoor use. And, no, it doesn’t work like a mini stun gun. But it is pretty cool to play with and it will start a fire if you need to.

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14 thoughts on “UST TekFire PRO Piezo Electronic Lighter Test

  1. Bryan, like me, just can’t resist playing and burning yourself, ha, ha. I am surprised however, you did not test the waterproofness. Also, a small Bic, they make one with piezoelectric ignition, seems much less likely to fail. That is one big fire source, you didn’t weight it did you?

    1. It is not really rated to be waterproof. It is just a different choice to fire. And I think it is cool.

  2. Will it ignite a fatwood shaving? How many uses per charge? How long from dead to full charge? Better than a BIC in your opinion!

  3. I have many products from UST. They are nice price and have proved themselves over the years. My favorite is still probably the Sparkie fire starter and the UST Stoke Kit ( I like the aluminum capsule) That TekFire seems like a cool product too. Been thinking of getting one of those fuel free lighters but have not seen one intended for outdoor use yet. Couple of my normal sources for gear stock UST so there is actually a chance of getting my hands on one someday 🙂 I have that UST ParaTinder in orange and grey and it actually has 7 inner strands and the red tinder strand. I have used it for making fire. It works. Maybe not quite as fierce as FireCord( my favorite) but does the trick. And is lots cheaper 🙂 Cool review As always Bryan! Have a great weekend 🙂

  4. Thanks for the upload Bryan 🙂 I wonder if there is any dynamo powered versions of this lighter. MicroUSB isn’t what I would consider a very ‘outdoors’ fuel/power-source.

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