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Very Important Announcements and Channel Update

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Live stream tonight (4/19/17) at 7pm Central

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8 thoughts on “Very Important Announcements and Channel Update

  1. Hey man, I got my package today… thanks again for that, I love it!
    I can’t find that special link you were talking about.. is that supposed to be on another video? Maybe I misunderstood.

  2. ya think my live streams will be around Thursday and Saturday Thursday’s kinda undetermined as far as the time I like doing it when people are off work. Saturday’s I get bored I did it on 7 o’clock ish because sippy cup works in the ER I never know when she’s available and she wanted to be there for the mail call. if I see you doing a live show and I am too I’ll change my time. I’m glad you brought that up I never even thought about it. thank you for putting the sticker up I hope you get stickers soon Teespring make some pretty cheap if you buy them 50 at a time.

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