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What To Do? – Tactical Show

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7 thoughts on “What To Do? – Tactical Show

  1. Tac…… Not at all trying to force your hand at all.. Ive been thinking about something . You have lots of subs have you ever givin a try at reaching out to companies to offer you equipment for review.I ask this because I have been successful with this approach and I have a small new channel. I am not sure if I am the only knife maker on your channel but perhaps after you get a post box you could reach out to makers of hand made wepons that also have youtube channels like myself to donate or do some sort of colaberation on the donated wepon/item. Like I noted in your last video not only would I be greatly honored for you to not only test one of my blades but for you to have one would be a plus as well. It would not only give you content but it would give makers like myself the opportunity to get our name out there. Does this make sence? Not only could you do reviews of makers like myself but your subs could send you items to review along with the patreon it may make for some decient content. Just a thought….. Martin M&S Blades

  2. “Brother Tac” 🙂  keep chugging along regardless of the youtube finances, there will always be set backs of some sort.  I enjoy watching your vids and look forward to more in the future.  Do what you can, when you can.

  3. Adding perks to the patreon will definitely help increase the amount of people that want to become patrons… Also, look into doing the different associate programs. Those are the best way to make money on YouTube in my opinion. Review a few inexpensive products that you like that can be found on Amazon (or other associate sites) and link to them with your associate link in the video description (I recommend putting the link in the 1st 3 lines of text) the Amazon links use cookies that work for 24 hours, so if they click it, even if they don’t buy it, ANYTHING the buy on Amazon (or whatever site you use, there are many associates programs) in the next 24 hours will give you a percentage. Good luck! Check out video influencers and other YouTube creator channels to get some better info and learn the best ways to make $ on YouTube.

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