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Why You Can’t Lose Weight: Sedentary Vs Active Lifestyle

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Why you are struggling to reach your goals and some tips on how to overcome it, and how it relates to survival and prepping.

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9 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Lose Weight: Sedentary Vs Active Lifestyle

  1. This topic is often overlooked. Fitter people can cope a survival or SHTF situation much more easily. Very good video.

    1. Lily is Special Forces ready!

      I’m in the “can’t out exercise a bad diet” camp. And I have plenty of weight to lose. It’s my summer goal. Going mostly whole food plant based… because I know it works.

    2. Agreed, having some excess body fat is good for energy but not if it interferes with agility, speed, strength, stamina etc. Would be interested in hearing your take on survival fitness.

  2. Something to think about is:…..the average person that isĀ 50 pounds+ overweight and leads a sedentary lifestyle is at least a year away from being in half way decent physical condition….add over 50 to that and its two years. Those time to get is ‘decent’ shape estimates are for someone who becomes very dedicated to the goal……most people who are in that situation may start exercising but when they see that any substantial result will take a lot of time and effort they go back to sitting on the couch. Any supposedly prepared minded person that is substantially overweight is living a pipe dream and needs a severe reality check.

  3. I agree with what you say, but it pains me to see you in a gym. There won’t be any gyms after the collapse. Do running and body weight exercises and use that money that you saved on prepping.

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