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Why You May Never Reach Your Goals

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If there is no need, you won’t succeed.

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7 thoughts on “Why You May Never Reach Your Goals

  1. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, I don’t even play one on TV, but I have to believe that life is tough for a lot of people, and you need to get through today and see where your at……because it never lets down. Your at the 30..You need to keep churning out yardage every single day with no goal line in sight, the goal line will take care of itself. I come from a sports background and one of the highest compliments that one can be paid…and I read most of the comments and watch a lot of the videos of CP, is to called a Grinder or a Gym Rat……someone who gives it everything they got, everyday, regardless of conditions…..I think there are quite a few of these type people around here…keep the videos coming.

  2. If you’re not busting your ass building your own dream, there’s a pretty good chance you’re busting your ass to build someone else’s dream. There’s “safety” in the latter because any full-blown failure won’t be yours, but then again neither will any victory. Getting way, way outside the safety zone to where failure is a seriously dangerous proposition isn’t for everyone, but out there… you’re really alive.

  3. 100% agreed. However I would like to add in the fact that just because you are doing something new, or making a new business or whatever you are doing doesn’t mean you will succeed. Some people will work their tail off day in and day out. Put in the extra hours into their new “thing” and give it all they have and they will not succeed. I’m not saying this to turn people away from doing new things, it’s just a fact that not everyone will appreciate the new thing you have created. You might not get as much business as you originally thought. My advice: Go out and do new things, but be prepared to fail. Because it can and will happen. Even when you put in the extra time.

  4. I know you are trying to help people but I have to disagree.
    A balanced life, enough work to keep bills paid and enough time left over for your family and passions will make you a lot happier in the long run than working your rear off to make a successful company.
    A balanced life is like a balanced diet, the advantages are not immediately apparent but they will pay off big time in the long term and you will be happier doing it.
    Its so common in western society to devote huge portions of our lives to chase the mighty dollar because we need all the latest things.. thats now how we were designed to live life and if you look at people who do it they are not any more happy than someone with a balanced life.
    They are probably even less happy.
    If thats the path you choose for yourself then fine but I dont see you smliling, relaxed and happy in a lot of your videos, usually you look tired and stressed. I’m not sure you should be telling others to not live a balanced life, it seems a little like you are projecting your own fears and needs onto others with this video.

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