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Why You Need A Boat for SHTF: Rivers are Roads

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I discuss utilizing your local waterways for travel in a grid down scenario.

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7 thoughts on “Why You Need A Boat for SHTF: Rivers are Roads

  1. Hey CP… Im one of your long term subs… Just to give you an idea… I have been wearing nothing but proper tactical pants every day of my life for over the last year :-P… I know how you love to grow in the psychology of prepping… In an effort to give something back to you I would like to share “warrior poet society” (found on YouTube) with you… At fist glance it looks like a run and gun channel… But if you look closely at the videos… It’s more! Also take a look at Selco from SHTF school… I gave this guy $20 for a lifetime subscription and I do think it was useful… Thank you for the hours you put into these videos… I always recommend the “after the collapse” series to anyone just getting into the community as it was my gateway to think more than just beans, bullets, and Band-Aids. I hope these recommendtions allow you to grow a little bit as you have helped me grow so much.

  2. i wannna make a prepper movie night. with the best movies that actually teach some usefull stuff about prepping. what would you recomend to watch in such a night?

  3. I think that more than any tool, gadget, or bag, what we truly need as preppers is to prepare the only thing we carry with us the entire time: our body, our mind and our soul. To strengthen these for those very possible hypothetical situations (that will be most likely gradual and subtle), and be better prepared. To THEN get the objects we could use, that are nothing but tools in the end… One way you could start preparing in the mental aspect is by playing survival video games such as “The Last Of Us.” I know most may laugh or find this idea absurd. But military personnel from the Navy, to the Army, Airforce, FBI and CIA, they all use video game like scenario training, that they must complete as tests every year. Now meditate on that. Even if you’re not a gamer, try this tactic in order to put your mind to think about situations you may have not foreseen, and experience in a simulated way, circumstances to which your brain has never been exposed to. “The Last Of Us” is an amazing immersive game, and it might help you come up with survival ideas you might have never thought of. Also the most recent “Tomb Raider” series games might also give you ideas, to help you learn by training your mindset through entertaiment. And perhaps even motivate you to change the way you prep. What are your thoughts on this @canadianprepper

  4. Pennsylvania’s large rivers are polluted you can’t swim or fish in them so I’m guessing whatever toxic carp they dump would prevent kayak travel as the fumes would be coming to the surface and you would be breathing it in.

  5. At first I thought, “No no, you don’t know where I live, I don’t need no damn boat”.

    Then I leaned back and thought, well yes, if you can afford and travel with one why not?
    You never know where you might end up in a position where you could use one.

  6. Greets from Finland. You made good point with these waterways , theyre still there for explorations and so on. Went canoing yesterday with local nature folks on a big lake in central Finland and got well inspired. Definetly a time well spent . Thanks for your efforts, love your videos/output, keep up the good work and get ready. The Winter is here soon enough?

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