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You Need to Prepare for This: Home Invasion and Burglary Prevention

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This is part one of a two part series on preventing burglary and home invasion.

Get Decoy Cameras Here:

Nightlock Door Barricade

Alarm/ Security Faux Stickers

Window Bars

Home Surveillance Systems

Security Window Film (Greatly improves window strength)

Home Security System

Wall Safe (good value)

Tactical Flashlight (Olight Javelot)

Area/ tactical Light (Thrunite TN 40)

Total Floodlight (worlds brightest TN 36 2017)

Long Range Wireless Alarm System (for large properties)

Solar Motion lighting

Laser perimeter defense

Bear Defense Electrical Fence (for bugout)

.22 Caliber sentry perimeter alarm

Ironclad perimeter Alarm System

Home Defense Weapons
Cold Steel Spear

Bat light

Brooklyn Crusher (Cold Steel)

Pepper Spray

Ka-Bar Fighting Knife

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7 thoughts on “You Need to Prepare for This: Home Invasion and Burglary Prevention

  1. In Kanada, the life and welfare of the criminal element has a higher value than that of the victim.
    The federal police (RCMP) is on record of demanding the monopoly of force in the country.
    Also, the victims have the duty to retreat. If one affronts an intruder and injures him/her, the police and prosecutor will lay charges AGAINST YOU for assault, causing bodily harm to an individual, assault with a weapon if you dare using a broom.
    AND supporting the intruder of filing a law suite against you!
    That’s the naked truth!

  2. I don’t even have a T.V. but I do keep a decoy safe in my living room. it’s filled with junk to give it weight and sound.

    Ideally, they will take it and run.

  3. In addition to securing items in unexpected places (e.g. child’s bedroom), what are the group’s thoughts about keeping a set amount  in the obvious areas (decoy) so the burglars get in, get what they think are the goods and get gone instead of not finding anything and staying longer to either trash the place and/or attempt to force the issue with anyone that may be home?

  4. Yay!! Family Mart in Japan is the bomb! Some of the best conveniences stores in the world bar none, buts the gas stations in the US to absolute shame.

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